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"We researched the market for a Software CRM partner that shared our appetite and vision for growth – we chose Voyager Software"


Paul Thompson caught up with Ross and the senior management team as they prepare for another period of growth. “We’ve experienced an unprecedented change in the last four years at Boss Professional Services having transitioned from a ‘group of good friends’, to what is now a solid brand with five ever-growing Micro-Niche Recruitment teams,” says Ross.




We were operating with little more than a desk and phone with Gmail plugging everything together. At that time everything was hand-cranked; Finding leads, writing adverts, visiting candidates and clients, managing compliance etc. It all needed to be done. When we could, we also tried to make a few placements!

Back then, it was a pretty rocky ride, but a diet of adrenaline, coffee and dog-eared determination got us through. Budgets were naturally very tight and we made some bad choices, but the work ethic was there and so we knew the long hours and late nights were going to bear fruit in the future. We tried to work smart, but in reality, we didn’t, we just worked harder and longer than the competition.

We celebrated our successes building a small family team largely from friends and people we knew, but you’ll need more than energy and enthusiasm to make it in today’s recruitment world. We earnt our luck. Right at the start, we spotted that any financial gains needed to be ploughed back into the team and infrastructure – it’s a policy that’s served us well.





The ‘SAP & Utilities’ sector gave us a small but growing sector and a niche largely overlooked by many of the bigger players. We quickly grew a name for ourselves as a specialist search and selection team and implemented some basic tools and workflows to cover the cracks. Most of our time was spent at the coal face, but as the teams grew so did the admin, pain and non-essential costs. Having your top billing staff dealing with the admin and growing pains was something we needed to address, and our inability to scale-up had fast become our biggest challenge.

We researched the market for a Software CRM partner that shared our appetite and vision for growth – we chose Voyager Software. Voyager Infinity has brought huge efficiencies to the five Micro-niche brands and has facilitated a smarter, faster and more compliant way of working. We’ve centralised all data into one platform and host everything on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. All users run Office 365 which means we’re better connected than ever before, and we love the Phone App Infinity Connect.

The CRM has also allowed us to address challenges like the GDPR with the minimal of fuss and distraction. In fact, there were virtually no GDPR distractions for our team’s, thanks to Voyager. We even employed a GDPR expert who gave us a clean bill of health and we’re really grateful to our technology partners.

Boss Professional Services has now expanded to include – Boss Sales, Boss ERP, Boss Medical and SmarkTek in addition to the original Boss Energy brand and as such, we’re extremely excited about the future.





We totally recognise that things are done differently here at Boss, but it’s a proven business model and one we plan on replicating further.

Right from the start I wanted to build a team of experts, but make it a fun place to work. We’ve totally achieved that. The pinball machine and PS4 makes a refreshing change, but it’s much more than that, it’s like a family. “I’ve run out of mates to employ,” jokes Ross.

We’ve worked hard to retain a special bond with our staff and suppliers and put a real value on the relationships we hold inside and outside of the Boss family. You can feel the passion and hunger in the office and we wanted software partners to feel that too.

Having built a solid management team, we’re now able to outsource non-recruiting tasks to subject matter experts. An accountant does the accounts, a marketing expert does marketing and Voyager manages the CRM – which means our recruiters can focus on recruiting.




When it comes to a CRM you need something that will keep you at the front of your game. It’s not just about the features, it’s about the people you’re working with and we’ve found Voyager Software and the Infinity recruitment CRM to be a great fit for our business.

We’re delighted with what we’ve achieved thus far, but we’re not sitting on our laurels and we plan on further increasing our internal efficiencies by plugging in a select few 3rd party tools that will allow customers to better engage with us. We’ve morphed from a few old school recruiters into a super-cool recruiting brand – and we love it!



Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiter’s lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used be thousands of Recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships of tomorrow placements, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process.

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