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MORGAN LAW was formed in 2000 with the vision of helping public & not-for-profit sector organisations recruit new talent into middle-management through to executive level roles, primarily within the professional disciplines.

The business has an impressive list of awards and accreditations including; No.1 Hot 100 Public Sector Recruiter and most recently IIM Gold Award Provider 2015.

After joining a webinar introducing clients to Voyager Infinity, Gareth identified some process improvement opportunities. And explains here how he found the whole process.

What was the biggest driver in your decision to migrate to Voyager Infinity?

Although Voyager Professional has always worked very well for the business (it was what it was built on), after seeing Infinity I recognised that there were areas that could be streamlined further with all of the new functionality Infinity offered.

We had the objective of reducing admin and increasing automation, allowing our sales team to focus fully on selling and felt that Infinity would help us achieve this.

How well did Voyager manage the project?

Very well, I couldn’t be any more complimentary about the Voyager team. You’ve been really responsive and attentive to our needs throughout the entire process.
The Migration and ’Go Live’ went as smoothly as we could have possibly hoped for. I would have honestly expected a few more hiccups so it exceeded my expectations.

How smooth was the transition?

Much better than expected. The availability of the Voyager team was great and if I had any questions or problems they were resolved quickly. Any time we had any issues getting to grips with Infinity we found the trainers to be very patient, understanding and very helpful.

Although we knew we’d benefit from migrating, it was always going to be a bit of a leap of faith. It was the enhancements around social media, CV parsing and searching that helped make the decision for us. The increased automation directly addressed our objective of focusing the sales team on selling.

What has the initial feedback on the product been like?

The users are enjoying using it, everyone says it is easier to use and they are especially liking the search capabilities.
We’re not completely utilising all of the advanced functionality on iResearch yet so I’m keen to see what further improvements can be made once we are. I’ll ensure we take advantage of the free training clinics and webinars that are coming up.

What feature is making the most difference?

Searching is much better. The criteria you can search on and the improved functionality means we are getting much more targeted shortlists.

What makes a successful project?

Without doubt, and something that is key to business in general is open lines of communication. It is so easy for problems to escalate if they are not addressed right away.

Would you recommend others to migrate?

Based on how things have gone thus far and initial feedback from our users, yes I would. Unless it was a competitor of course, we’d prefer they remained on an older product.

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