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Meet Paul Mather – or ‘Mr GDPR’ as he’s known by some...

Paul has worked within the recruitment services market for nearly two decades having previously been with the Police Scientific Development Branch and so he’s used to the fine detail often missed by most. Paul has helped literally thousands of Recruitment Companies implement technologies ranging from CRM and ATS solutions through to Skills Testing and complete Pay and bill solutions. This means his view on the GDPR, specifically the impact on the Recruitment sector, is like no other.

As Director of Operations for brands including Voyager Software, FCP Internet (evolve) and ISV Software, his focus has increasingly been on GDPR and as such has fast become the ‘Go to’ person when it comes to GDPR and for good reason. Paul was early off the mark to gain the EU General Data Protection Regulation Practitioner (GDPR-P) qualification and even now is one of less than 150 with this certification on the GASQ register of certified IT professionals worldwide. Paul has a deep understanding of the GDPR and so if you have concerns over GDPR legislation, how it impacts your operation, and why you need to get your facts right, please get in touch.

Paul is involved with several specialist GDPR groups, which boast over 500 members, has written a range of detailed GDPR Whitepapers, has conducted many webinars on the subject and supported hundreds of Recruitment owners and managers.

Paul is poised to announce further news about how obligations under the GDPR can be better managed and with more control, in the coming months.

So Paul, What does it mean for our customers?

As a customer-centric group of businesses, it is imperative that we are able to dispel the myths surrounding the GDPR, but also support the thousands of customers who put their trust in our hands. When it comes to the GDPR and wider legislative issues, mistakes could well be costly in both time and money and I’m proud that we are in a position to provide more accurate and up-to-date guidance when it comes to the GDPR. Working with my foreign counterparts across Europe has been extremely interesting and whilst no-one doubts the GDPR legislation will have a huge impact on the Recruitment industry, we’re extremely well positioned to steer the industry, and our customers, through the potentially choppy waters ahead.

”We’ll continue to let our clients know of any changes to the legislation, guidance from the supervisory bodies and case law as it becomes available. Please tread carefully when asking, or paying for advice. The ICO here in the UK echo my concern when it comes to the GDPR, which is that misinformation can cause organisations to take inappropriate or inadequate steps to protect their businesses.”

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