Carrington West are pleased to announce that our new office opened for business this Monday 21st January...




Employees and guests celebrated with a delicious buffet, fizz and a special cake baked by our very own Bryony James! The new bespoke office space has been designed to facilitate the amazing growth of the business which grew 30% from 2017-2018 and is forecasted to grow by another 30% by the end of 2019!

Managing Director, James Fernandes commented “This move demonstrates, firstly the commitment we have to our employees in creating a positive and inspiring working environment, and secondly, the belief we have in the business and all of our staff to grow and develop the company so to reach its full potential.”

To find out more about Carrington West head to their website - https://www.carringtonwest.com/

Carrington West has been a Voyager customer for many years.

If you’d like to better understand how Voyager planned a part in their amazing growth and rise to success why not get in touch.