Mid-Office integrates with the online timesheet platform Timesheet Portal. This easy to use platform saves time, reduces admin and minimises mistakes.You can view the the whole process in real-time within the Mid-Office timesheet grid. 



“Since the introduction of the integrated solution between Timesheet Portal and Voyager we have benefited from excellent efficiency savings and positive feedback from Agenda’s customers. The integration has streamlined the process of placing temporary staff, simplifying the approval of timesheets and the generation of accurate invoices from within Sage.”

Chris @ Agenda Screening Services

Streamline your Timesheet processing


Simple Integration

Automatically register candidates and clients with Timesheet Portal straight from Mid-Office. Workers are emailed a link to their timesheets which they complete online using their phone, PC or tablet. Hours get sent to the client for approval and once confirmed they directly feed back into Mid-Office. 


mo time sheets2 

Want to Mix & Match? Not a Problem!

If you're not ready to swap all of your workforce over to online timesheets quite yet then Mid-Office makes this a breeze.

You can easily flip between your online and offline timesheets using our very easy toggle.

Click below for your free trial of Timesheet Portal: