Printing, Signing & Scanning Terror in Recruitment...#PSST

Find out more about Legalesign & Voyager Infinity

It was over 800 years ago in 1215 that King John signed the Magna Carta, no doubt with a quill and parchment paper in-hand...

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Phone APPY! - 'Infinity Connect' - more great feedback

Find out about Infinity Connect

It recently dawned on me that the best technology is often the technology you don't realise you're using, and it being FREE is just the cherry on the cake...

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Perfect Storm hits Voyager, impacting customers.

Want to know more about the perfect Storm?

Voyager Software today announced that an increase in demand for their Recruitment CRM...

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Yet more cracking feedback on our GDPR tools

Discover our GDPR tools within Voyager Infinity


Whilst the Recruitment industry has been a soft target for red tape, compliance and legislative challenges...

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ISV Software Announcement

Check out ISV Software


exciting new features added to their online skills testing platform ISV Online

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