news-dickson-harris-logoDickson Harris is a specialised exec-search company within the Medical Device, Biotechnology, Medical Imaging and Healthcare Services industries.  Established in 2003, their philosophy remains the same - to perform professionally, ethically and with integrity at all times. 

That philosophy and business acumen ensured the selection and implementation of the Voyager Recruitment Software solution in Nov 2010 replacing their incumbent solution.

Paul Thompson Voyager Sales Director interviews Nathan Pettitt Director 12 weeks on...

10 Simple Questions...

What prompted you to review your Recruitment Solution – clearly the business was going in the right direction?

Indeed, we had a good start, but we are now far from a start-up operation, that was the issue.   Our choice of software (as exhaustive as it was at the time) was hindering our expansion and curtailing the speed at which we could deliver our services to customers.   The software solution was actually costing us time, effort, cash and at a time when the competition was strong.

Having invested in a previous system originally and been a customer for 6 years we were getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of service, support, and primarily their attitude toward resolving the software issues they had. 

It was clear from a business review that our existing supplier was falling well short and was clearly detrimental to our business and profitability.

How was the Sales process this time, any nasty surprises? It was very straight forward.

No real surprises.  We reviewed the market from a distance having requested prices, literature and online demo’s from 10+ solutions. 

For us, this involved 3 online demo’s to a number of staff and a trial on the live system with some guidance from Voyager.

Was the Support and Hand-holding during the transition period something you thought Voyager did well?

It was superb, it far exceeded our expectation.  Particular individuals in the team shone – Andi (a long term member of the Voyager team) particularly good at helping us with some of the stressful parts of the transition.

How would you rate the Training?

Good - but we could have done with more. To explain, it was made extremely difficult to extract the data from our previous solution – indeed it was encrypted!  We we’re not going to accept being held to ransom for our own data and so we took steps to migrate from XXXX to Voyager over a 10 day period.

We had some initial Training onsite at our offices, plus On-line refresher sessions.  The ad hoc training when we call in with problems has been exceptional. Compared to our previous supplier training has been excellent, again individuals Chanie and Debbie shone – The have been like members of our team, a great testament to their patience and effort.

With hindsight, a deeper understanding of voyager internally would have facilitated a quicker understanding of Voyager but circumstances meant that we needed to do a parallel run of XXXX and Voyager for a 2/3 week period.

How would you rate the Helpdesk and the 0800 support line?

Absolutely first class, all the staff here find them superb. I truly think it’s the best feature of the voyager offering. The 0800 support is much, much better than anything our previous supplier.

How are you treated by Voyager staff? 

Interesting question!!  Exceptionally well. The customer service is very good indeed and I would say this has been commented on by everyone who uses the system. Everyone is helpful and solution orientated. During the software selection process we researched this element heavily.

I can confirm your competitors are streets behind when it comes to customer care and engagement.

It’s often said all software does the same stuff – do you agree?

No. The quality varies however for a small business the defining factor is the accessibility and attitude of support staff, plus ease-of-use.

You previous Software solution hindered your growth plans – has Voyager changed this?

Yes. Voyager offers a more flexible approach. Also the rental option for temporary staff who are helping with the transition of the database is very helpful and something that was been a factor in choosing which application to go with.

Where does Voyager exceed?  

•    Excellent product
•    Customer service
•    Technical support
•    Can do attitude of the staff

Was Voyager priced fairly and how long will it take you to get your investment back?  

It could always be cheaper, however I think it is relatively fair.

Recommend Voyager and the experience?

Yes, but don’t tell the competition ;-)


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