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Paul Thompson, Voyager’s Sales Director, took an interesting angle on how they differentiate themselves.  “No-one disagrees that features and functionality are a key draw when choosing new Recruitment Software, especially if you’ve not reviewed your software in the last 3 or more years.  That said, when Voyager looks to develop new features, a key consideration is the ability to use them - in a practical fashion.  More often than not, Recruiters lack the appetite to populate their chosen solution with the influx of data they’re presented with.”

At Voyager our focus remains on ‘ease-of-use’ – not a new concept, but a refreshing one amongst all the techno-babble offered.  Our approach ensures the number of ‘clicks’ performing a task (or better still ‘drag and drop’) is kept to a minimum.  Features such as the automation of data entry and compliance along with the page layouts ensure key information is displayed on one screen, will see recruiters adopting and benefiting from the system naturally.

Voyager’s team prides itself on the consultative approach to sales and more often than not finds that the most basic features of a recruitment system simply aren’t being used because they’re either over complicated to setup or aren’t intuitive to the recruiter. The recruiter simply does the task themselves outside of the system, which usually means it’s not accessible by anyone else in the business.  This is often further compounded by the practical hurdles of connecting multiple offices and/or remote users. Even if external access is made available, problems with the speed and usability are yet more reasons recruitment systems don’t get used.

With a large proportion of Voyager’s new orders coming from agencies using alternative software, it’s interesting to note that Voyager freely admits that on the surface it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between software suppliers when you just consider the functionality list. The winner in the software market will be the supplier that sees their solution adopted with the minimum of fuss and the maximum success.  That technology is likely to be the one recruiters want to use, rather than the one you have to force people to use.

[As featured in Issue 114 of The Global Recruiter - http://www.theglobalrecruiter.com/]


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