Clinic BannerThe new Voyager Free Online Clinics – Questionnaire results and changes.

The feedback from the recent clinic questionnaire provided some useful and encouraging results.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to respond, this sort of feedback is central to keeping the clinics relevant to your needs.We were encouraged by the feedback, that we weren’t too far off the mark with how you saw a successful clinic being run. In fact 83% of respondents were happy for us to continue as we always had!

The results are in....

What day?
The best of the week for the clinics were Friday, with 74% of respondents choosing this day. Wednesday and Thursday were the next favourites, with 42% and 45% each respectively.

What time?
Mid-morning  (10-11) and mid-afternoon  (3-4) were the clear favourites with 50% and 47% of respondents choosing these options respectively. Comments strongly suggested that you’d like the clinics to be less rigid in terms of the days and times that the clinics run.

How long?
53% of respondents thought the clinic should last around 30 minutes,  32% liked the more traditional 30-60 minute option, while only 13% thought the clinics should be 20 minutes or less.

68% of respondents would like to choose what topics the clinics would cover, however many commented that they would like to have a combination of voted for topics, and those chosen by us.

Everyone who responded liked the fact that the clinic was conducted live, and 70% would like to be able to re-run the clinic at a later date.

So, we’ve listened...

It’s clear that the Clinics ‘aint broken’, so why ‘fix it’? Well, we know we can improve. It’s great that we were so close, but let’s make the clinic better! The new Voyager Online Clinic will be running from February 2011.

  • We’ve changed the dates. No longer will they run at the same times, on the same days. The dates and times will change each month. (except for the VDQ! clinic which is better on a Friday, away from things like payroll day)
  • The clinics will only run once a month live; but
  • We will record the clinics, and you’ll be able to visit the clinic whenever you like and re-run a previous session. We will make these available the same day through a linked in group
  • We will continue to choose the topics, but will ask that you vote at the end of the session on what you would like us to cover in the future
  • We will always publish the up-coming topics for the next 6 months. This will be influenced by you and the choices that you make after each session
  • We have created a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address so that you can make suggestions and comments
  • We will now run a separate clinic for Voyager Professional, Commercial and VDQ!
  • We will now specify which level a clinic is aimed at. No longer will they all be a basic level

Go to www.voyage.co.uk/clinics to book your place.on the next Free Online Clinics


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