"Recruiters are flourishing, but you need to remain flexible” says Paul Thompson, Sales Director at Voyager Software.

“Whilst the recruitment industry has been hit hard with its own challenges, many recruitment sectors and individuals are doing extremely well.  The recruiters flourishing are the ones that are flexible in their approach to recruitment and the tools they use” says Paul Thompson.

“New legislation, head-count freezes and an increasingly challenging market have all ensured that for some, success as a recruiter is not as easy as it once was.  With recruiters becoming ever increasingly mobile, candidates harder to source and clients looking for a more involved service, there are many reasons to question if the recruitment software you use is fit for purpose.  

What we’ve noticed at Voyager Software is that those doing well are often those willing to show flexibility in their approach, the services they deliver and the tools they use.  By definition, emerging markets aren’t emerging for long.

Paul adds, “Recruiters now demand a greater range of services from their software supplier.  Recruiter tech needs to be flexible in its deployment, payment options, how it’s supported and the sectors it caters for”.

Robert Bowskill MD at Bowskill.co.uk works under the restrictions of the GLA and so has very specific requirements.  “When taking the plunge with a new software solution, it is essential to ensure the functionality you require gives you an edge over the competition.  For us compliance is no luxury, it’s essential, as is speed – bringing them together is a recipe for success.  Voyager’s VDQ! solution has ensured we’re able to work extremely quickly yet remain complaint and diligent. It was essential that we found a software partner which supports the specialist supplier we are today, but also allows us to change our operation as we expand into other sectors, which may have different requirements and legislative issues.

Recruitment never stands still; it’s why I love it so much.  It’s been great to see our speed and enthusiasm for recruitment matched by Voyager’s support for our staff.  They’ve helped us become a force in our sector.  Whilst there is never a good time to change software, Voyager took the time to truly understand our requirement.   Better still was their ability to offer a unique solution, configured to our business, and recognised us for the business we will be in 5 years, not just the fresh business we are today.  They also broke the speed barrier in getting us up and running."

Louise Kelsey, Managing Director at LAK Locums, had a different requirement in functionality and deployment type - they opted for the cloud deployment. “Voyager's range of solutions means that I was able to select a solution which is truly a perfect match for our business.  Key for me was that we chose a solution which supports the specialist supplier we are today.

Leon Leschinsky from Search firm Albert Cliff Recruitment added “Key for me was that we chose a solution which supports the business we are today, but also allows us to add the flexibility to change our operation as we expand overseas and into other sectors."

Paul adds, "Not all recruitment software is the same"

Managing Director Simon Warburton added “With a comprehensive product range, a loyal customer base and solid growth Voyager has continued to be ‘the recruiters choice’.  We continually strive to offer software and services which suit the recruiter in tomorrow’s market as well as today’s.


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