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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Recruitment




Why you should consider a career in recruitment by Paul Thompson.

Be your own boss!

Even if you’re not the boss at the start, you’ll feel like one most of the time. Managing expectations with candidates and clients ensures that you’re right at the heart of the deal. You’ll feel valued by your clients and the job seeker.

Hate micro-management?

Most experienced recruiters are managed and supported from a distance. They’re given respect and the opportunity to flourish in their own way. If you hate micro-management then recruitment could be a career for you. Many recruitment firms are in a period of growth which means there is no time like the present to get into a Recruitment job.

Nurturing relationships

The way you treat people and conduct yourself as a recruiter, even a junior recruiter, will leave a lasting impression on many people. The very nature of the job means you’re likely to get very close to people during a period of uncertainty in their lives, which means the relationships you nurture early on in your recruitment career will often bear fruit long after you’ve changed your business card.

If you remember ’today’s prospects are tomorrow’s clients’ you’ll not go far wrong.

Flexible working hours

Even if you’re not your own boss there is plenty of opportunity to build trust with your employer. It’s likely that as a recruiter you’ll occasionally need to work non-standard hours – which works both ways. Great when the football and tennis is on!

Become a qualified recruiter – with the REC

There is every chance that if you start a career in recruitment today it will last a lifetime. The REC has been instrumental in getting recruiter qualifications recognised by employers. It’s now easier than ever to become qualified and most recruitment firms have a professional attitude to professional qualifications.

Check out the REC to ensure you get off to a flying start in recruitment.

Stacks of recruiter gadgets to make your life easier!

Recruitment has got to be one of the most technology hungry industries.

Whilst there is a plethora of recruitment software solutions on the market, many recruiters start their journey alone.

Before you embark on your recruitment career, find a software partner that takes the time to listen to your requirement now, but also has the time to review your requirements year on year. Something as simple as getting your terms & conditions signed can be hugely time consuming for a recruiter, and so, whilst it might seem like a luxury on day one, an integrated e-signing tool will help you today and tomorrow.

‘The feel-good factor’

Getting someone a job feels great!

That’s it. It just does.

If you want to know what it can be like to be a recruiter in today’s world, or it’s time to review your recruitment software partner, get in touch for an informal chat.

Voyager Software helps recruiters achieve their dreams of living a richer life by bringing software innovation to the fingertips of thousands of recruiters globally.

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