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7 Top Tips for a Stress-Free Recruiter Life




In fact, being a recruiter can be pretty demanding at times.

That said, here at Voyager we absolutely love the work recruiters do and the fact that their efforts and tenacity keep the world ticking along by putting people into work and finding them their dreams jobs.

Voyager’s 7 Top Tips for a Stress-Free Recruiter Life

1. Certify your recruiting awesomeness!

Your customers need to know how good you really are. If you’re a veteran recruiter or even someone new to recruitment, getting a formal qualification can make all the difference. If you’re at the top of your game, having a formal qualification is a great way of officially putting a stamp on your awesomeness. There are numerous options, start by checking out the TEAM website/Training section.

2. Flexible working hours

A web-based recruitment CRM and integrated phone APP will allow you to work whilst on the move, and will really help you juggle the work/life balance. Spreading the workload throughout the day will allow you to recognise the quiet times and so, if you can, hit the phones before 9 am and after 5:30 pm by rewarding yourself with an extra-long lunch. It can only be good for the mind, body, and soul.

3. Visualise your dreams and targets

Not always, but many recruiters and salespeople work best when they can visualise their dreams.

If your reward for a great year is a flash holiday or new car, why not frame a picture and keep it by your monitor. A visual motivator that’s staring at you 24/7 will keep you focused when times are tough, and keep your eyes on the prize during negotiations.

Also, don’t forget a picture of the family and dog!

Why not plug in a visualisation tool like Power Business Intelligence from Microsoft to ensure your activity levels, conversion ratios and achievements are there for all to see?

4. Work hard, play hard! – Enjoy your holiday (and relax!)

Go for two weeks, not just one – anything less than 10 days isn’t really a break. Change your out-of-office and voice-mail greeting and turn off your mobile (but if you have to turn it on, do it just once a day). Recruitment software that’s embedded into your business will ensure your colleagues are able to address client and candidate queries in your absence.

Great recruitment technology is there to help everyone – including the friends and family you go away with.

5. Nurturing relationships

The way you treat people and conduct yourself as a recruiter, even a junior recruiter, will leave a lasting impression on many people. The very nature of the job means you’re likely to get very close to people during a period of uncertainty in their lives, which means the relationships you nurture early on in your recruitment career will often bear fruit long after you’ve changed your business card.

If you remember, ’today’s prospects are tomorrow’s clients’ you’ll not go far wrong.

6. Be your own boss

Managing expectations with candidates and clients ensures that recruiters are put at the heart of the deal, even if you’re working for a faceless corporate recruitment firm. There is no time like the present to set-up your own recruitment consultancy.

7. Are you ready to ‘level up’ your recruiting career?

Seize the moment – maybe you’re ready to start your own journey?

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