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A view on Voyager Infinity, five years later

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with Andrew Willsher, Finance and Operations Director at Pyramid8, a recruitment consultancy based in Castleford, Yorkshire. The business has been using Voyager Infinity since 2015, and I wanted to catch up to find out if the product still matched expectations, five years later.

As an agency focusing on local recruitment, Pyramid8 works very closely with clients to match candidates not only to job specifications, but also to ensure the right cultural fit. As such, using separate CRMs for clients and candidates created a gap in achieving this ambition. Andrew decided to find a new CRM that would bring all this separate data together, whilst being easy to use to ensure that the whole team would adopt the new technology quickly and efficiently.

After selecting Voyager Infinity, Andrew was delighted by the whole implementation process: “It was a very good implementation. We did it from December through to January, which was a very good time for us because of the downtime over Christmas. Then we had user acceptance testing to make sure everything was up and running, and they implemented that on-site. Plus, we had someone come along and train us for a day in our office, teaching people how to use it and giving us familiarity with it as well. So, it was very good, very thorough.”

When it came to using our support service, Andrew was pleased to mention that, although he rated it “very highly”, it was rarely needed apart from some teething issues at the very beginning: “Little things that possibly needed support back then have been ironed out in later releases, and support calls dropped even further.”

After five years of using Voyager Infinity, and recently upgrading to the SaaS version, I asked Andrew how he thought the product benefited his firm: “It certainly saves us time and will continue to save us time, make us more efficient, provide the clients with a better level of service and the candidates as well.”

Read the full Pyramid8 case study here.


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A view on Voyager Infinity, five years later