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An Unbelievable Recruitment Encounter – 1 in a million!





Last week I had the day from hell. I’d spent 4 hours trying to get into London Waterloo, signalling problems again, but it was a day I’ll never forget, and for all the right reasons.

On the steps outside Waterloo Station, already late for my meeting, I had an encounter with an old lady.­

She was lost – I was late.­

She needed help – I wasn’t in the mood for helping.

I tried to break eye contact with her as I ran down the steps but she drew me in like a ‘Death Star’ laser beam.

Remember that scene in Crocodile Dundee when Mike Dundee stops the Buffalo?

There was no escape. I couldn’t walk past, I just couldn’t, and so I stopped to help.

“Are you lost?” I asked.

“Do you know where Somerset House is?”

I didn’t, but as the clock was ticking and my meeting was getting even more late, I pulled my phone from my pocket only to realise we were going to the same street!

Now for those that know Waterloo this must literally be a one in a million encounter, it’s a good half a mile from the station.

It really got me thinking:

  • 276,243 people use Waterloo station every day – what made her pick me?
  • What made me stop when I was running so late?
  • What are the combined odds of two people at Waterloo going to the same spot at the same time? Not even Carol Vordermen would be able to work that one out!

We both chuckled at the odds of something like that happening as we walked from Waterloo station and past the IMAX to our meetings.

As we walked along the bridge she offered me two bits of advice:

1 – ‘Ask for help if you don’t know the answer’

I commented that it was hugely brave thing to do, but she was having none of it. She explained that as people get wiser they often learn that asking for help and guidance is a huge strength of character, and not a sign of weakness.

2 – ‘Never start a journey without first knowing your destination”

Now I did laugh at this point as she was lost, but I still think it’s pretty good advice.

What an unbelievable recruitment encounter – 1 in a million!

If you rely on more than luck and good timing when recruiting or want help and advice on how to spot the needle in the haystack, get in touch.

We’re here to help.

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