‘An upgrade is available’, but do you upgrade now or later?

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It seems to me that no-one likes change, not really...





Yeah, we all pretend we’re quick to adapt and that when it comes to software we’ve got our finger on the pulse, but that’s really not true is it?

Why change it if it’s not broken right?

Take my phone as an example - ‘an upgrade is available’, and I have three options:

  • ‘upgrade now’
  • ‘schedule a time to upgrade’
  • or ‘upgrade later’

Nope for me, it’s ‘later’ every time, and I suspect it is for you too.

Please understand, I have reasons to put it off:

  • I’m too busy
  • How long will the upgrade take?
  • Will the upgrade work?
  • Will I lose any features I love?
  • What features will I get?

In reality, I fear the upgrade will take ages, I fear it might go wrong, that I’ll lose features I like and I won’t love the new ones.

Fear seems a strong word, but ultimately it’s the fear of change that holds me back and so I carry on for another day until it stops working or I’m forced to upgrade - and at a time that doesn't suit me.

Occasionally, the same can be said for recruiters and their recruitment software supplier.

It's no secret that many agencies have been forced to work to timescales and deadlines set by the EU and reinforced by the ICO and those GDPR rules - but there didn't need to be a crazy rush, in fact, Voyager customers were able to plan months ahead of the deadline #GDPRHUB

This feeling was reinforced at a recent 'Recruitment Technology Innovation' event in London, hosted by UK Recruiter. There I met with hundreds of recruiters who are being proactive about their future.

If you're being held back by your recruitment CRM, please get in touch.

Taking a proactive step can be liberating for a sales focused recruitment team.

We even have a dedicated switching team at Voyager Software who'll be delighted to help you seamlessly transition from your current CRM to ours and so if you didn't catch us at the UK Recruiter event, please get in touch for a chat.

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