How to Attract & Retain Talent


All the signs tell you that there has never been a better time to start or grow your recruitment business...




Job vacancies are at their highest and we have record employment in the UK at 75.8%, the joint highest figure since comparable estimates began in 1971*. The jobs and recruitment market is practically fizzing with excitement at the moment.

Taking the next step should be a piece of cake right? Not necessarily. When you are ready to build your business and recruit colleagues to join you, either consultants or support staff, it can feel like you are letting go. You’re preparing to let someone into your inner circle, share your goals and help make them happen. So how do you get it right? What can you do to attract and retain talent to your growing business?

  • Start with your why

  • Be clear on your goals

  • Get the tech right

  • Join a trade association

  • Create new talent