Are you Smashing the Phones and Getting Nothing Back?



Business Intelligence is SO important. Check out this screenshot from a contact on my phone...

If you just look at this screenshot in isolation you’d be wise to think I’m wasting my time.

But, with Business Intelligence on your side, you get quite a different insight. Business Intelligence allows me to see that he almost always calls me back, and the same day, and after 4pm.

Business Intelligence tells me he’s more comfortable arranging a specific time to talk ( In this case, Outlook invites work for him) and that whilst he always reads my blogs, he never comments, and rarely does he answer the phone before 4pm… and that he’s NEVER answered his office DDI.

Are your recruiters able to work and engage with customers in a way that gets the best result?

Do you need to know more about Voyager Business Intelligence?

Are you smashing the phones and getting nothing?

Spamming people and getting nothing?

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