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Dillistone launches GatedTalent to Help Executive Recruiters with GDPR Compliance and Data Optimisation



Dillistone Group, the global leader in technology solutions for the recruitment industry, has announced the launch of GatedTalent, a new service designed to help executive recruiters manage GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance in an efficient and secure manner. The service will also provide users with the opportunity to clean and update legacy data without having to share any data with other recruiters at any stage.

“When GDPR comes into force in May 2018 it will provide executives with a much greater degree of control over information about them that organisations of all types collect and store,” says Dillistone CEO, Jason Starr. “And because the executive search arena, in particular, now operates on a completely international basis, GDPR will impose data handling responsibilities on firms and in-house teams based both within and outside the boundaries of the European Union.”


“Any failure to embrace and act on these responsibilities could be very painful because the penalties for non-compliance are potentially draconian – a fine of up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover in the previous financial year, whichever is greater,” he continues. “We consequently saw that there was an urgent need for a compliance management tool that was both extremely robust and easy to use and we believe we have delivered it in the shape of GatedTalent.”

“However GatedTalent is so much more than just a compliance management tool, it’s also an easy to use platform for legalising and optimising legacy data. Because it encourages executives to select which recruiters to keep in touch with and to optimise those relationships by always keeping their data up to date it has the potential to deliver the level of engagement that individuals maintain with the traditional roster of professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and financial advisors and to provide genuinely valuable search information. The obvious corollary of this is that firms which embrace the model can only become more efficient, effective and profitable than before.”

Key benefits of GatedTalent include:

  • A portal that allows executives to login, review and update consent with selected single or multiple search firms and create or update their profile at any time in line with best practice defined by authorities, such as the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Easy to use and iterative communication with individuals to establish ‘Consent’ or ‘Legitimate Interest’ with customisable template text in multiple languages.
  • Although use of Dillistone Group’s cloud-based executive search software, FileFinder Anywhere, is not essential its tight integration with GatedTalent will ensure maximum automation and consequently minimise the workload associated with legalising legacy data and managing compliance.

“One of the world’s top data management specialists, Oyku Iski of Vlerick Business School has called upon search professionals to ‘view GDPR as a catalyst to identify where a data driven organisation wants to be in five years’ time, so using it as a springboard for change, an opportunity rather than a hurdle,’ says Jason, “We believe that GatedTalent has the potential to turn this aspiration into a concrete reality.”

SOURCE: Press release.

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