Don’t Wait to be Asked – Stand Out from the Crowd!


Considering we are always looking for ways to stand out, build business and find the best candidates, I’ve been really bothered lately by...

The number of companies and people who just do the bare minimum to get by… and yet still expect amazing results.

Getting away with doing the minimum is not limited to recruiting and HR of course. You’ve probably worked with suppliers who only contact you once a year, usually when a contract is up for renewal or you owe them money. Or what about those colleagues, who do only what they’re asked (and that sometimes grudgingly). They can’t see the bigger picture and are out the door bang on 5pm whilst you’re fighting an overflowing inbox, juggling multiple tasks, following up candidates, arranging meetings and so on. More than a little frustrating isn’t it?

Both examples probably justify their actions by saying, “But you never asked!”

It’s a bugbear of mine. Recruitment, HR and people management are tough enough and you know that doing the minimum is unlikely to take you places. It’s just not the route to sustainable business.