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Ensure Candidate Compliance

Ensuring that all of your candidates are compliant with the laws and regulations of your country is a vital task for any recruiter. One of the key areas that recruiters need to focus on is the verification of a candidate’s right to work. This is a legal requirement in most countries and failure to comply can lead to serious consequences for your business. It’s important for all employment agencies and employment businesses, including those focusing solely on permanent recruitment.

To ensure compliance, recruiters should use candidate verification tools that are designed specifically for right to work checks. These tools are designed to automate the process and make it easy for recruiters to verify the authenticity of a candidate’s documents. They also provide an auditable trail of the check, which can be important for compliance purposes.

Ensure candidate compliance with verification tools

These tools can include features such as optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which automatically reads and verifies the information on a candidate’s document, and biometric matching, which compares the live candidate’s face to their ID to ensure authenticity. Additionally, many of these tools also have an integrated database of government-issued IDs and documents, which can help to ensure that the documents provided by the candidate are valid.

Using these tools can save recruiters a lot of time and effort and help to ensure that all of their candidates are compliant with right to work laws. Recruiters should also make sure that they are aware of any changes to the laws and regulations that may affect their compliance obligations, and that they have a clear process in place for handling any issues that may arise.

In addition, recruiters should also ensure that candidates are aware of the right to work laws and the process of compliance before they start working. This will prevent any confusion and help to prevent any compliance breaches.

Using the right candidate verification tools and keeping up to date with the latest laws and regulations are crucial for ensuring that all of your candidates are compliant with right to work laws. With these tools, recruiters can ensure that they are hiring legally, and minimize the risk of any compliance breaches.

Voyager Infinity integrates seamlessly with TrustID for IDVT (Identity Document Validation Technology) with certification from the UK Government as an IDSP.

To recap:

  • The use of candidate verification tools can help recruiters ensure compliance with right to work laws by automatically reading and verifying candidate documents and performing biometric matching.
  • Many verification tools have integrated databases of government-issued IDs and documents to further ensure the validity of candidate documents.
  • Using these tools can save recruiters time and effort in verifying candidate compliance.
  • Recruiters should stay up to date with changes to laws and regulations that may affect their compliance obligations and have a clear process in place for handling any compliance issues.
  • Candidates should also be made aware of right to work laws and compliance processes before starting work to prevent confusion and potential breaches.
  • By using the right verification tools and staying up to date with compliance laws and regulations, recruiters can ensure they are hiring legally and minimize the risk of compliance breaches.


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