Every Recruiter needs a Steven!


As Sales and Marketing Director of Voyager Software, I get a fair bit of recognition when the results come flying in, and 2018 was a cracking year, one of the best in my 20 year tenure...




Yep, being the Sales and Marketing Director at Voyager right now feels pretty amazing, and 2019 is looking pretty rosie too.

But let me highlight just one of the reasons Voyager is doing so well right now.

Meet Steven.

Steven is one of our unsung heroes.

If you’re one of the thousands of recruiters that rely on the Voyager Recruitment CRM to turn your recruiter aspirations into a reality, then there is a chance you’ve already worked with Steven.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man band or a large multinational recruiter or resourcer, if you need some help with training, have a technical issue or you just don’t fully understand something, then you’ll need some support.

As Sales and Marketing Director I’d love to pretend that our customers don’t have problems, but that’s not true. All customers have niggles, some have disasters, but the support and guidance Steven and his colleagues offer is what keeps Voyager ahead of the competition.

Our recruitment customers are growing into new sectors, new locations, moving from server-based deployments to cloud based deployments. Never has the recruitment industry been so diverse, so competitive and so mobile, and people like Steven are supporting our customers day in day out.

It’s a real shame that all recruiters don’t realise how awesome Steven is – only our customers know that Steven will empathise with them and resolve their support or training issues quickly and confidently. He’ll take a personal responsibility to ensure that customers are left satisfied that their query has been resolved! This is regularly reflected in the positive reviews that Steven receives.

His ability to understand recruiter niggles and resolve things in a timely fashion without using technical jargon is second to none, but it goes much further than that. He’s polite, as cool as a cucumber, and is patient. He’s just the sort of guy that can make everything better, and he’s a real credit to Voyager.

Steven, just by being himself, has helped Voyager and the Support department achieve a NPS score (net promoter score) that is double the industry standard and so whilst the sales team might get the fair share of the kudos, much of that credit should be directed to Steven and his colleagues in the support team.

If your recruitment CRM provider isn’t offering the ongoing support you need to scale and be competitive, take a look at Voyager, and know that it’s not just the customer onboarding process that’s slick, it’s the customer experience too.

5 things you need to know about Steven

  • He’s only 22
  • He’s saving for the next biggest purchase: A Mortgage
  • He’s a wannabie developer who has a degree in Games Programming
  • He’s got size 16 feet!
  • The go to work lunch is Chips and Curry sauce!

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