Is the Future of Recruitment Software, Free Software?

Is the Future of Recruitment Software, Free Software?


Free software - rarely even worth your investment and time...




That, I suppose, is why people aren’t willing to pay for it. But, if ‘free software’ becomes the norm, what is the future for software companies, or the customers long-term?

‘Selling’ free software isn’t new. Fortnight is a free game that many people will no doubt of heard of, but only a few amount of people would agree that it’s free – certainly no parent that I know!

The Fortnight business model isn’t new, the monetization comes from the upsell. ‘Skins and weapons’ are what the game is really about, and those essential extras are netting a reported $2 million a day! ($300 million alone was made on the Apple platform in the first 200 days). So, my message is simple…tread carefully when reviewing ‘free software’. It simply can’t be free. Not forever.

Here at Voyager Software we supply a comprehensive and configurable suit of applications which are custom fit for users to ensure our recruiters are getting the most of their time (and money).

Today’s modern recruiters expect and demand a professional service, modern applications and a relationship with their software partner that stands the test of time - and the relationship works well for Voyager too! In return for a fixed monthly fee we promise to work hard for our customers and deliver ‘free’ regular updates to users to ensure they’re getting the most from their time.

Today we shipped Voyager Business Intelligence - another ‘FREE’ tool – which to quote from one customer ‘is fantastic’. It’s so good that we should probably charge extra for it, but we don’t, not for our customers.

If you want to hear more about our vision for the future of recruitment software and would like to hear how our business model won’t leave you with an unexpected credit card hit, or become last week’s news, then get in touch.

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