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How to get rich quick, become a Recruiter in 5 simple steps


Have you heard about the latest get rich quick scheme?  It really works.  These days recruitment is SOOO easy! The market is full of rich clients willing to pay thousands in placements and there’s never been so many candidates on the market.

5 simple steps to do recruitment
  1. Find a client willing to pay 20% of a base salary to do something they could do themselves for free.
  2. Post an advert on a job-board and wait for the perfect candidate to pop into your mailbox.
  3. Remove the address from the CV, add a logo and send to the client with some terms and conditions.
  4. Arrange the interview
  5. Send 5k Invoice…..easy!

Hey presto you’re the next James Caan – no photoshop on this picture of James!

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Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiter’s lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used be thousands of Recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships of tomorrow placements, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process.