Grow, Grow, Go!!!


We’re growing! (and we can help your Recruitment team grow too!)




The Voyager story started back in the late 90’s, with a small office by the Basingstoke dump and an application that resembled little more than an electronic filofax… thankfully things have moved on since then.

Today Voyager Software supports thousands of Recruiters globally in literally hundreds of industry sectors, and in 2019 we’ll be working with the most diverse range of Recruiting teams ever.

High Street operations like Amber Employment love Voyager for the efficiencies it offers their team, but in equal measures specialist franchise operations like Rayner Personnell have used us to facilitate huge growth over the last 12 months.

Even the large geographical players like Sphere Solutions have introduced a smarter way of Recruiting which has allows them to fill a staggering 4,000 jobs annually, and even specialist cutting edge technology head-hunters like InfoSec People have benefitted from our support – they even won ‘Best Company’ in the recent REC IRP awards.

But it’s not all about the established brands. In recent months we’ve also supported a plethora of smaller enterprises like Fenwick Ryan, who’re changing the Recruitment world for the better, one placement at a time.

They’re all growing, and we want to help you grow too.

We’re delighted to announce that the much needed building works at Voyager’s HQ in Chineham Business park will be completed next weekend, allowing further expansion for Training, Support and complimentary services – everyone at Voyager is looking forward to that little bit of extra elbow room.

If you fancy popping in for a chat or cuppa, drop me a line, we’d love to show you round the new facilities.

If your Recruitment brand isn’t growing, but you feel it should, then Access our Recruiter Growth Tool kit – it’s free.