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“How to be the boss of your data”

Especially when it comes to some of the biggest players in the recruiter space: Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Unless you live on Mars you’ll be well aware that when it comes to #BigData the world is changing, and fast.

The largest internet companies in the world are trying to offer clarity to their users on what they know about you, what they’re doing with your data and how they’re trying to win the PR war on the morality of what they’re doing with it.

Ask Mark Zuckerberg if ‘Data Policy’ is high on his agenda, and I reckon he’ll say yes – Check – Facebook data-breach.

If you’re in recruitment, now is the time to become the boss of your data.

(I promise not to mention the GDPR and our solution)

Starting with Linkedin and Google, let me help you start your #BigData #RecruiterAwakening here!

Are you keen to understand what LinkedIn are doing with your data, how they’re profiling your habits and selling to you?

Yeah – me too!

LinkedIn for recruiters can be a pretty decent asset, but you need to ensure you remain in control of your data, and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what LinkedIn does when the GDPR legislation takes hold – GDPR HUB.

The LinkedIn team don’t make it easy to get your data, and the links in my opinion are pretty well hidden, they certainly don’t seem to encourage users to review their data, data policies or invite you to see what they’re doing with it.

If you want to ‘Be the Boss of your Linkedin data’ – start your #RecruiterAwakening here.

How to ‘Be the Boss of your Google data’.

I bloody LOVE Google, but are they getting too big for their boots?

Your voice is recorded, ‘OK Google history’

Your search history – Obviously

Your location – Work, home, common routes etc

Your YouTube views and history

You Apps  – and what they access

Your devices – what device, when and where your logging on from…

As such they know your hobbies, interests, political views, secret passions, desired areas of learning even, marital status, what you ‘like’ what else?

If you’re ready to start your #RecruiterAwakening when it comes to Google start here.

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