Check out the benefits of upgrading


'An upgrade is available’, says your phone, laptop or CRM - do you...




  • ‘upgrade now’
  • ‘schedule a time’ or
  • keep clicking ‘upgrade later’ and hope it goes away?

For me, it’s ‘later’ every time, and I suspect it may be for you also, but please understand I have many genuine reasons to put it off!!

1. I’m too busy!
2. How long will the upgrade take?
3. Will the upgrade work?
4. Will I lose any features I love?
5. What features will I get?

Whilst 'fear' seems a strong word, it’s really the fear of change that holds me back, and so I carry on for another day until it stops working or I’m forced to upgrade.

In my experience, much is the same for many recruiters and their CRM*

But, whilst I'm firmly in the 'later' camp, last week I upgraded my laptop to the latest version of MS Office (I’d been putting it off for months) and I love it!

I literally didn't know what I was missing out on until I took the steps to move forward, and I'm chuffed to bits that I did.

The new version of MS Office has lots of technical improvements which frankly i don't really care about, but there are three big wins for me:

1 - It’s prettier and easier on the eye

2 - Dictate’ really works, try it out

3 - The spelling and grammar checker is much better (I was paying for Grammarly)

Basically, I wish I’d done it months ago!

The process of upgrading wasn’t that difficult, in fact, I had an expert do it for me, just like the switching team at Voyager will help you upgrade.

As anyone that engages with recruiters will know the world of recruitment moves extremely fast but rather than wait until you’re forced to upgrade at a time that doesn’t suit you, why not take steps to move forward and give yourself the competitive edge? - (I'm trying so hard no to mentioned GDPR!)

Who knows, but maybe beyond the fear of selecting a new recruitment CRM, or performing the upgrade, you’ll love it and realise you had nothing to fear at all.

A bit about Voyager Software

Voyager has helped hundreds of recruiters migrate from one CRM to another, and we’ve had a record number of new customers join the Voyager family in 2018. If you were too busy to attend yesterday’s UK Recruiter event, please get in touch for a chat or demo. If you did find the time to look at the latest and greatest innovations in recruitment tech, we’re pleased that you too share a rosy view on the future of recruitment.

*although the GDPR legislation has forced some to take action

Much is the same for many recruiters and their CRM.

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