Is Oleg an AI Bot?

Is Oleg an AI Bot?



Other than changing their name to Oleg, how do senior executives get noticed online?




I met my good friend Craig for our annual lunch and catch-up - a solid guy who really knows his onions when it comes to finance, tech, innovation and business transformation.

He’s not your average finance guy. He’s fun, fresh, and tech-savvy, a hands-on leader who can operate from the top and the bottom of any organisation - The modern finance director you didn’t know you needed.

Every business needs a Craig Sheffield - Finance Director, but this post isn’t about Craig, it’s about the two subjects that dominated our lunch.

1 - Other than changing their name to Oleg, how do senior executives get noticed online?
2 - Is Oleg an AI bot?

I agreed to write up our lunchtime chat – so here it is.

5 reasons why you might be forgiven for thinking Oleg is an AI bot...

1 - Oleg – he’s working 24/7?

Anyone in marketing knows that it’s all about delivering perfectly scripted content to your audience at precisely the right time, and on the right platform - Oleg makes that look easy.

Few can trot-out top quality posts and articles day in, day out and so, Oleg’s ability to send out high-volume and highly engaging content is insane.

In my opinion, he’s set to become LinkedIn’s biggest personality this year, and for good reason.

Surely, he can’t be an AI bot, but how can someone post at this level?

2 - Oleg – can’t be flying solo?

What’s his secret and how does he find time to fit it all into his day job?

In light of point one, he must have a social media and PR team finding and creating content for everyone to digest?

3 - Oleg – “HE’S A BOT – IT’S RIGHT THERE ON HIS PROFILE!” (apparently)

I’m not convinced, but a few things I noticed:

  • He’s got access to super fresh content - the Global CTO of Daily Mail and MailOnline
  • He was the Vice President @ AOL for ‘Search and Publishing technologies’
  • He’s a mathematics genius - Master of Science in Nuclear Physics
  • He’s Ex-Google – Marketing Automation, DARTMail and Campaign Management...
  • 4th on his list is ‘Artificial Intelligence’

If such a human wasn’t able to write an algorithm to become the most influential LinkedIn personality, then who could?

Maybe Oleg’s wrote his own AI bot so he can sleep?

4 - Oleg – Why the focus on LinkedIn?

Why is there so little about Oleg on other platforms?

  • Try finding a video interview of Oleg
  • Try finding a podcast with Oleg
  • Why is there virtually nothing on any other platform
  • Should he not be on TV?
  • Oleg the genius/super-human/bot/department seems to have cracked LinkedIn’s algorithm or just fallen on it accidentally.

One sceptic suggested to me that Oleg is not even a real person!


5 - ‘Oleg the AI bot’ was created by LinkedIn’ (blame the sticky toffee pudding sugar rush for this bit)

‘Oleg the LinkedIn AI bot’ is an interesting theory, especially as LinkedIn needs people like Oleg to keep the platform alive, and LinkedIn charges a hefty premium for your data and what you’re adding to the platform.

By reaching out and growing our networks with good content, are people forgetting that we are now the product that’s being sold?

LinkedIn now claim to rank 40% higher on applicant quality over any job board... but do recruiters know how to find the talent over the content?

How to ‘Google X-ray search LinkedIn profiles’ and find contact details...

And all that was before coffee...

That other question:

How can Senior Executives get spotted by Recruiters without changing their name to Oleg?

Whilst we don’t all have Oleg’s insights into the future, nor his ability to write amazing online content, please do keep it up Oleg – I love it!

If you’re not an @OlegVishnepolsky, or too keen on being noticed online, but are looking to engage with proactive recruiters and search firms, then maybe join the 60,000 senior executives that choose to gate their talent with www.GatedTalent.com (it's free and takes just seconds)!

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