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ISV Software Announcement

Voyager’s sister company ISV Software has announced additional new features to their online skills testing platform ISV Online.

“As always, the development team at ISV has been working hard behind the scenes, to keep adding new features and functions to the candidate testing system. As a result of your feedback, a range of new features has been added to ISV Online this month.”

These new features are available immediately to all ISV Online customers and include the following:

Email notifications

You asked for email notifications when individuals complete their assessments. This function has been built in and you can now opt to receive an email when either every test has been completed, or, if you prefer just one message, a notification when all test content has been finished.

Data Controls (and everyone’s favourite topic GDPR)

To further increase the fulfilment of obligations under the new General Data Protection Regulation, we’ve added increased data controls. This includes a privacy policy which appears for every new administrator of ISV Online and for every new individual assigned tests or training. The policy outlines, amongst other things, the user’s obligations and what will happen with their data (copy available on request).

Emailing results

You have been able to email individual test results from inside ISV Online for a while, however you can now email multiple results in one go.

Candidate Self-Registration Link (Auto Create URL)

We received multiple requests for candidates or individuals to be able to click on a link, enter their details and then complete their assigned tests. This self-registration link is now available in the Settings area (under Auto Create URL). So, if you are running a large volume recruitment day or wanting to test a team of people, the self-registration link is a useful time saver. You can even create profiles or different suites of tests for each user group.

My Account Area

We’ve amended the menu option previously called ‘change password’ so it is now ‘My account’. In here you will be able to manage your account and personal details including options like updating your password, amending your email address and selecting your marketing preferences.

Full Profile Report

Alongside our usual Profile Report Link, we now have the option of Full Profile Report. This gives a snapshot of all test results for an individual which you can expand to see the discipline breakdown. The list is also printable for ease.

For further information, please contact the ISV Team:

0800 051 9410

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