Looking for new recruitment software?


Find out why it could be your biggest mistake!




OK, so who doesn’t love a car analogy?

The first step of buying a new car is not looking online, getting the loan, or choosing the wheels – it’s letting go of the old one and recognising that you’re moving forward with your decision.

Once you’ve decided to move forward then you research, look at the options and make decisions.

It’s only when you’ve defined what you want, can you move forward, mainly because you’ve identified what you don’t want.

Now lets look at Recruitment Software…

A key problem when it comes to being strategic with regards to recruitment technology is that being strategic is an ongoing process, and isn’t something you do just once with a sales rep sat in front of you.

Thinking strategically or being strategic isn’t something you do once for a few hours in a meeting, it’s something that should be woven into the veins of your recruitment consultancy – or at least that’s what we believe here at Voyager Software.

People who don’t have the time to be strategic (typically because they’re time poor), should find a software partner and build a relationship with them. Some recruitment software providers will keep you informed on what’s hot and what’s not, including what’s coming around the corner that might help you. The impending enforcement of the GDPR is a good example of that.

Some recruitment software companies include these snippets of ‘golden insight’ with regular account management calls, free online training clinics, software upgrades and features as part of your ongoing support contract. As such, they’re not selling you a ‘product,’ they’re selling you a strategic partnership, allowing you to focus on recruitment.

When you’re shopping for a new Recruitment CRM consider that ‘products’ alone can’t be strategic, but the relationship you have with you software partner could be.

Work Smart

Before you diary in that ‘strategic technology review’, take the time to define your requirements, ahead of inviting the sales reps to take up more of your precious time.

A chat with someone that spends much of their time talking with like-minded Recruitment Managers is likely to offer dividends – and I’ll cost you no more than a hot chocolate and muffin (I’ll even recommend a competitor if I think they’re a better fit)!