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Marketing best practices for your recruitment agency

With over 40,000 recruitment agencies battling for client spend in the UK market alone, a powerful marketing strategy has never been more important.  Follow these marketing best practices to make sure your recruitment agency cuts through the noise. 


1 – Define your specialism

Every word of content written or spoken about your agency should be anchored in a strong internal understanding of your brand’s specialism. 

Many agencies skim over this step in their marketing, assuming that a basic focus on ‘IT’, ‘healthcare’ or ‘legal’ is a suitable foundation for building a marketing strategy and defining their company’s identity 

In reality, your specialism should go well beyond simple market focus, considering: 

  • Geography – do you operate regionally, domestically or internationally? 
  • Scale – what size are most of your customers – SME or multinational?  
  • Sector – are you clients mostly private or public sector? 
  • POC – who do you typically engage with inside companies – HR, hiring managers, divisional leaders or owners? 
  • Seniority – what level of candidates do you usually place – entry, mid or senior?


Although some assignments may stray away from the norm, an analysis of your historic customer book and placements across these and other data points will quickly help establish exactly where your ‘sweet spot’ is, helping you grow marketing content around it.   


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2 – Talk about what you know

Many agencies represent a wealth of expertise that the outside world rarely gets to see. 

Consultants have years of experience placing specialist professionals into specific roles – they have unmatched insight into salaries, incentive plans, team structures, interview processes and more. 

This information isn’t just valuable to give current clients and candidates an advantage during active recruitment processes, it’s a great window into your business for prospective future customers. 

Blogs, podcasts, LinkedIn articles and video content which discusses the challenges, solutions, trends and successes of your work will help fast-track new clients’ understanding of exactly what you do and where you add value.  


3 – Let your customers sell for you

If your business isn’t generating satisfied customers, you’re doing something wrong.  

If you’re not using those customers to help with marketing, you’re missing a powerful and obvious asset. 

Collecting customer feedback and working it into branding and marketing materials doesn’t need to be a complex process – it’s common for agencies to over-think their approach to the point of paralysis, where nothing gets done. 

Whether it’s consultant recommendations on LinkedIn, quotes on the website or full-blown testimonials, nothing sells your service like your happy clients.   


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4 – Understand your client’s pain points

Recruiters can be so focused on selling that they sometimes forget to listen.  

It’s no wonder – recruitment is a deeply sales-driven industry, and the ability to inspire and persuade is one of the keystones of the trade.  

This can lead recruiters to make assumptions about client needs, and go into ‘sales mode’ so early that they never realise they’ve misread a situation.  

What you think clients want might not be where they’re really hurting, and getting this wrong can impact not only an individual sales process but the wider marketing strategy.  

Taking the time to fully explore where customers have challenges and obstacles in their hiring processes exposes the exact areas where your agency can add value, which then forms the basis of marketing campaigns highlighting your ability to solve real problems.  


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5 – Embrace continual improvement

For busy business owners, building and launching a marketing strategy can feel like one more thing to cross off the task list. 

Yes, it’s important – but with so many moving parts involved in running an agency, getting marketing ‘done’ feels like a big achievement that nobody has the energy to revisit for a while. 

But, while there’s a lot to be said for spending time and resources planning correctly so that it doesn’t drain time out of your agencymarketing also a living, breathing area of the business that needs ongoing monitoring and adjustment.  

Adopting a policy of ‘continual improvement’ can help solve internal and financial bandwidth issues, ensuring that marketing always stays on the radar and moves with the direction of the market and the feedback from customers. 

Built on the right foundations and supported by an active strategy, a targeted marketing approach will drive new leads and boost conversions for your agency – driving bottom-line performance and accelerating growth.  

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Marketing Best Practices For Your Recruitment Agency