Nov 2015 – We fill 15 double decker buses with recruiters


Voyager fills 15 double decker buses with Recruiters and trains them all for free.

Voyager Software today announced that 1,000 Recruiters have attended their FREE 'Live' Online Training Clinics in 2015.  (That equates to £70k worth of 'Live' Training)

With a focus on usability our Recruiter customers are exactly that ‘Recruiters’. They don’t always have the time to read the user guides, watch the training videos or keep up with the Software features Voyager releases and so the Free Training Clinics are a great way of topping up their knowledge”, says Paul Thompson Sales Director.

Voyager is one of the UK’s longest standing and experienced recruitment software providers; this is not only evident in our products, but also our customer care. We don’t believe that great software is enough, a reliable support service and customer care policy as standard is what sets us apart from the rest and these Free ‘Live’ Online Training Clinics complement the Free licence upgrades our customers receive.

Have you received the support and assistance you deserve from your Software supplier in 2015?

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