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Printing, Signing & Scanning Terror in Recruitment…#PSST



 Yet why do some recruiters seemingly still work in the dark ages when it comes to getting the deal ‘signed’?

Recruiters asking a new client to print, sign and scan ‘terms of business’ might not recognise the sales roadblocks they’re putting in place, in the same way they may not recognise the inconvenience caused to a temp when asking them to physically sign a new contract before they start.

For obvious reasons the popularity of ‘e-signature tools’ amongst recruiters is high, but unless integrated into your recruitment CRM, the administrative burden is merely refocussed and not replaced.

Could you imagine if the Amazon driver took your E-Signature in seconds on the doorstep, but then spent 15 minutes copying your signature to another system, manually logging notes and finally sending an emailed version to his manager to check… It’s not quite as slick is it?

For recruitment, the beauty of an integrated solution is not just the customer experience but the efficiencies it brings internally to the operation that lets them scale and work faster. I believe a recruitment CRM should remove recruiter roadblocks entirely, not just re-route and slow the traffic to a crawl.

An E-Signature tool will no doubt address the candidate and client experience, but we don’t think the admin pain shouldn’t be left with the recruiter. A fully integrated tool will transform your recruitment business for all parties – even the recruiter.

Tens of thousands of job-seekers, hiring managers and recruiters globally now have the ability to remove these placement roadblocks and streamline their recruitment processes whilst increasing compliance at the same time.

Successful recruitment organisations send many documents out for signature each day, logging, chasing, scanning and reattaching them to a recruitment CRM. This single feature will cut days of admin time from your recruitment week.

If you want to know what Voyager Infinity can do for you, please get in touch. 

“Voyager Infinity addresses the traditional challenges a recruiter will face in a way that saves time and money – it’s as simple as that. Infinity users will win more clients more easily and offer a faster and more efficient service with Legalesign, with the added benefit of a transparent audit log for increased compliancy.”





Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).