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Demand for recruiters soars, a golden opportunity for recruitment start-ups

The UK jobs market is currently experiencing a growing need for recruiters and their skills.

The disparity in the gap between demand and supply has the market scrambling for the best talents. For those interested in stepping into recruiting or experienced recruiters who want to launch their recruitment start-up – there has never been a time like now.

Unprecedented demand for recruiters

Business confidence across the UK took a hard hit as we began 2021 with the third national lockdown. As the last of the restrictions eased, there was a more optimistic outlook and confidence in the economy.

Open businesses and the return of market confidence have led to rising demand for staff in every sector. The latest REC report notes that perm placements saw a sharp increase in June while the temp billings surge was the fastest in its survey history.

So, with UK businesses on a hiring spree, the need for recruiters has also increased alongside the demand for new employees in various sectors.

A part of this active recruiter demand is to fill the gap left by staff who had to be laid off.

The global outbreak hit the recruitment industry particularly hard with many recruiters furloughed or made redundant in 2020. Many small recruitment agencies had to shut up shop.

Now that the economic recovery is slowly picking up pace, UK recruitment firms are once again looking for talented recruiters to join their teams.

This puts recruiter demand at a record high. However, it is not limited to the UK alone. It also reflects the current global need for recruiters.

LinkedIn research data shows that recruiter need is felt sharply across different sectors globally. In April this year, the number of recruiter jobs advertised on LinkedIn exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Similarly, compared to June 2020, there were 6.8 times more recruiter roles on the platform in June 2021.


demand for recruiters growing exponentially


Capitalising on this market call for recruiters

Demand for recruiters is indicative of a hiring surge and an upturn in the economy. In this low applicant environment, qualified recruiters are extremely valuable with their talent sourcing, organisational, multitasking, and negotiation skills.

Most staffing agencies are keen to hire experienced recruiters as they are likely to require little to no training to navigate this busy hiring season.

One of the core skills good recruiters have is the ability to perceive opportunities. Most proactive recruiters will probably agree that the time is just right for those contemplating starting their own business.

Industry experience, recruiting skills and solid business plans – once these three integral points are ticked off the checklist, recruiters can commence their entrepreneurial journey.

Planning for a business is never easy, and it’s become especially taxing in this extraordinary environment today. Recruitment is all about people, data, and good service that adhere to three underlying tenets for effective hiring – time, cost and quality. So, being a recruitment entrepreneur leans more towards making smart, strategic investments instead of expensive purchases.

Good recruitment technology serves as a central component for successful staffing businesses. The right tools shape the quality of work and service delivered to clients.


use perm and temp recruitment agencies to help get your recruitment start-up ready for business

Embracing technology in support of lucrative business

Recruiters launching a recruitment start-up must partner with a suitable software supplier to competitively engage and deliver market needs.

The pandemic illustrated that good technology is a significant part of business agility, demonstrating how useful it is for businesses to continue building on such practices.

The practicality of using good recruiting tools became evident last year. Robust recruitment software solutions contributed substantially in helping recruitment firms weather the global health crisis that shut down the world.

Recruitment agency software fully supports remote hiring practices and virtual new-hire onboarding.

Finding the best recruitment agency software suitable for the business is important. This means using not just any recruitment CRM platform but one whose features and functionality seem attuned to the agency’s requirements.

Temporary and permanent staffing agencies have distinct challenges.

New recruitment start-up entrepreneurs must recognise that there are different types of software systems for different kinds of agencies.

Those who are planning on working in the temp sector must use temps recruitment software solutions. These offer easier methods of placing candidates quickly.

For instance, with our temporary agency recruitment software, customers can book candidates using the live candidate availability planner and online booking sheets. The comprehensive compliance functionality helps keep recruiters updated about meeting every important compliance rules.

Similarly, there is a different recruitment CRM software for agencies placing permanent staff. Infinity’s permanent recruitment agency software is automated, helps find top talents, and improves the candidate management process.

An ill-matched software partner can lead to frustration with the tool, hindrance at work, increasing costs, and result in a colossal waste of time.

Recruiters could instead be putting that time and effort into candidate sourcing and networking.

Therefore, getting recruiting tools right from the outset influences efficiency, productivity and effectiveness in all areas of the recruiter’s work. In this strongly people-led and technology-enabled sector, the right tools serve recruiters to  deliver easily in a competitive market.

If you’re ready to launch your own recruitment start-up business and want a little help with your recruitment software, book a free demo with us today.

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Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).

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