Say hello to Jonno Brown - Employee Spotlight

Say hello to Jonno Brown - Employee Spotlight



6 months in and it’s still all go, Go, GO!




Prior to Voyager Software, Jonno spent his 9-5 working for the Gas Register (formerly Corgi), where he managed a team of 60 people in their customer service team. His drive, experience and attitude served him well but he soon found himself looking for a fresh challenge, discovering Voyager Software on the very same business park. Voyager’s expanding customer base meant that Jonno was able to join the existing client relations team, but he quickly transitioned into the growing project management team, where his superb organisational skills we’re put to immediate use.

Jonno on his first 6 months at Voyager

“I’ve always loved working in a customer care environment. However, with the recruitment industry constantly striving to offer a better service, Voyagers’ CRM and Pay and Bill solutions have naturally been in demand. With a steady flow of new customers being onboarded, I’ve been able to get a real insight into our customers and the wider market. My role here at Voyager has allowed me to put my greatest skills to use, and I’m proud to play a key part in the onboarding of customers within the projects team.”

With Jonno, you’re in safe hands – literally, he used to be a goalkeeper for Southampton, and more recently Basingstoke.

When Jonno’s not implementing recruiters with cutting edge software, he can be found exploring European cities with his friends, walking his pet pooch, eating Mexican food or telling his favourite joke to anyone that finds it funny…

I’ll let you decide….

"I went to the zoo the other day and it was empty, except for a single dog… It was a Shih-Tzu."