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Setting up a Recruitment Agency




For many in recruitment, 2018 has been the year of change

As Theresa May and Boris Johnson continue to publicly fan the flames of uncertainty surrounding Brexit, you might be forgiven for thinking that now is not a great time to be in recruitment, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Recruitment is all about seizing the opportunity – being the deal maker. There are always opportunities in recruitment, something supported by Voyager’s record orders for Q1 & Q2.

Looking deeper when reading the news, you’ll see that it’s not all doom and gloom. Whilst there has been much coverage over the demise of the UK high street, very little has been publicised about the growth of online sales, and the services facilitating this.

Why is it not widely known that the advertising sector has grown for the 9th consecutive year or that construction is booming, as the government commits to building 1,000,000 houses by 2020? So, if you fancy getting into a niche recruitment sector, construction and property could be a hot choice right now?

The fact is, many recruiters are experiencing terrific growth

Therefore, now is a great time to get into recruitment, or set-up your own consultancy.

With the REC continuing to lobby in raising awareness and increasing standards, recruitment leaders encouraging formal recruitment qualifications and apprenticeship schemes, not to mention recruitment tech firms offering sophisticated, user-friendly technology with minimal set-up costs, it’s difficult to see how this growth won’t continue.

As a recruitment ‘super fan’ it’s been great to watch so many recruitment firms grow this year, and it’s even more encouraging to see so many former recruiters return to the sector.

If you’re sat there wondering what the missing magic ingredient for tomorrow’s best recruitment start-up is – maybe it’s the person reading this article?

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