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The Gatekeeper has just been furloughed

Recruiters reaching out during lockdown, or during any time of crisis, is never going to be an easy task; however making calls right now is much easier than you might think.

Which Recruiter/company are you?

  1. Now is not the time for sales calls – no-one is recruiting.
  2. We are reaching out – it’s better than it was last month.




  1. The Gatekeeper has just been furloughed.
  2. Directors and decision makers are answering the phone.
  3. Conversations are unguarded, longer and more meaningful.
  4. You’ll be remembered for trying.
  5. ‘How are you’ – has real meaning.
  6. Your competitors are not doing it.


If like many right now, you’re a Start-Up Recruitment firm that’s spotted the opportunity to plan for a brighter future being your own boss, check out our blog 7 tips to recruiter cold calling.


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The Gatekeeper has just been furloughed