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“The only thing I want more is time”




I’ve recently changed my habits and it’s had a hugely beneficial impact on my time, my job and friends and family.

I’ve simply closed my eyes and ears to the sales patter and daily distractions of all the things going on around me, and instead focused on what I have already got.

It’s that simple, I focus on what I’ve got, not what someone tells me I might need.

 Life and business is much simpler as a result and I’ve bought back at least an hour a day of my life, which means I can go home early, well,… on time at least.

So what happened?

Before everyone thinks I’ve had some sort of breakdown, let me explain. I’m the sort of guy that wants ‘more’, more of everything…MORE storage (unlimited storage isn’t enough)…MORE data…MORE channels…MORE connections…MORE ‘likes’…MORE ‘shares’…

Whilst I felt like I was achieving my goals and getting more things, newer things, shinier things, I often ended up feeling genuinely dissatisfied and frustrated with that new thing I bought.

‘new’ isn’t always best, and neither is ‘more’.

New and more take time to learn, and the honeymoon period is always far shorter than expected.

Sometimes things are just fine the way they are, even though you can’t see the answer, its right there! Look at what you’ve already got, and start appreciating it, start putting it to use.

Let me help set the scene with a few examples:

  • My new phone, isn’t as good as the last.
  • My office chair isn’t as comfy as the last one.
  • My new car, well – I prefer my old Audi.

Sure I could potentially buy ‘better’, but who defines better? The sales person that sold it to me?

I’m not sure if my age has attracted increased grumpiness or that it’s facilitated a new way of thinking but I now invest my time (and money) into the things that are truly important to me, and those around me. ‘Friends and family’ on a personal level and ‘customers’ on a business level. There isn’t anything else as far as I can tell?

I was trying to explain my new outlook on life to an old friend and recruiter, who just smiled at me as I rambled on.

The awakening

“Paul, it sounds like you’ve woken Up.”

He called it the ‘awakening’. I drew breath to point out he was wrong, but nothing came out. He was right, and I knew it.

Everyone in today’s world is looking to go somewhere, get something, achieve a new ‘thing’, but what about taking a look at what you’ve already got? Maybe you’ve already got what you need, but you’re so focused on the horizon you can’t see the flowers your treading on?

Here are Voyager we love to help you on your journey and make the most of your contacts, relationships and data.

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