The Recruitment Industry to die in 2018!


A vision of the future from Simon Young, limitless digital.

"I sat recently in a meeting where some very clever developers demonstrated a platform which pretty much automated everything a recruiter can do, except it did it more quickly, more efficiently and it even had a 'human touch' (one of the phrases used was 'it's a numbers game with a touch of personality - a robot could do it') ....


So what happens when technology takes over? Technology is speeding everything up and employers by 2017 – 2018 will have access to more tools, automation, virtual assistants, virtual recruiters… the recruitment industry’s days must be numbered – don’t you think?” An extract taken from Simon Young’s article ‘The Recruitment Industry to Die in 2018.’


What Sales Director PAUL THOMPSON thought about it…

OK, so the article heading is pure genius and click bait for anyone in Recruitment – he’s clearly the Social Media expert he says he is.

I find it difficult to disagree with some of his points, it’s a great post but I think Recruitment is far from dead.

The automation he’s talking about is typically there to manage inbound applicants, we’ve been doing that for almost 20 years along with hundreds of other software suppliers, that’s nothing new. The only Recruitment death is in the admin department, Recruitment as an industry is far from dead. I’ll happily pay a fee to Recruiter that finds me my next critical hire or finds me my next role personally – because I’m not expecting to write a job spec or post a job in today’s world, or write up my CV in a rush and spend all weekend applying for jobs. (Unless I get desperate) CV’s, job-boards and all the CV sites continue to offer some value, but they’re dealing with filtering out yesterday’s applicants and are not focusing on tomorrow’s critical hire – and that’s what I pay for when engaging with a decent Recruiter.