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Unemployment figures don’t tell the full story

The BBC recently reported that the UK unemployment rate has hit its highest level in over three years, growing to 4.5% in the three months to August, with redundancies rising to their highest level since 2009.

These unemployment figures fall well short of telling the full story.

They’re already out of date, but are also largely based on people claiming benefits – many don’t. Many are too embarrassed to claim.

Do people also consider that if you don’t have a job, but are not registered as looking for one, maybe because you’re living on savings, you’re not included in these figures?

Also how many people go months and months without work?

I’d like to see figures that show the volume of active ‘job-seekers’, and some recognition for the Recruiters with a tsunami of job-seekers that are trying to put them back to work.

Millions are trying to get a job, and with the support of decent Recruiters they will succeed.

Are High Street Recruiters the new Job Centre?

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Unemployment figures don't tell the full story