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What to do When a Great Employee Resigns




As hard as it might be, crying isn’t going to help in a moment like this.

In all businesses, big or small, losing a key team member can hurt a lot, especially if it comes as a surprise, but as everyone knows – change can be good.

Don’t cry, stay professional!

Listen to the reasons and try not to overreact

This isn’t a time for selfishness.

I was gutted to hear Jodie’s decision to move on, but all told, the time is right.

It’s been great to see Jodie develop since she joined us a little over 12 months ago and we’re very proud of her recent Level 3 Digital Marketing Qualification from Basingstoke ITEC.

We’re gutted to see her leave, we couldn’t recommend her highly enough, but I suspect our paths will cross again. This is more ‘see you later’ than goodbye!

Stay calm. pause for a moment. reflect.

Don’t panic!

This is not a time for rash decisions, it’s a time for reflection.

  • What could we have done better?
  • What might stop this from happening in the future?
  • Were we the best employer we could have been?

Businesses can learn a lot from a resignation.

It’s a big hole to fill

Yep, that’s why it can also be scary, but it’s also an opportunity.

Jodie was key to ensuring customers new and old are aware of the latest developments here at Voyager Software.

We sell recruitment software and so communication, relationships and people is what we’re all about – and Jodie was very good.

Sure, it hurts, but in business no one person should hold all the cards and so if losing an individual is truly a problem, then it’s probably more about the management, than the existing employee.

The Counter offer

OK, so maybe you’ve been caught napping and have ignored all the signs?

Or maybe not.

Recruitment Agencies HATE counter offers because they’ll not get paid, but there are plenty of reasons why accepting a counter offer might be the right way forward, and for both parties.

Explore the options.

Is it about the pay, the working environment, career progression or something else?

Keep an open mind regarding counter offers – it’s rarely about the money.

Managing the transition

Most businesses recognise that good people will move on.

Whilst there will be legal and managerial processes to follow, understand that businesses need employees to come and go.

New hires can bring new ideas, new processes and a fresh pair of eyes to traditional problems.

Make time to manage the exit, recruiting, selection and onboarding of the new hire.

Recruiting a new member to the team

An existing member of the team might just be your best advert when it comes to recruiting.

Read Jodie’s story here.

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