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Work Wales: Driving business growth with a little help from recruitment software

In the last 13 years, Work Wales recruitment firm directors Sophie Benyamin and Christina Allen have survived a national recession, a global pandemic, organised different charity ventures and raised six children between them.

But through it all, they’ve steadfastly worked on their passion to deliver pioneering recruitment services to exceptional standards.

Since establishing their Swansea-based company in 2008, Work Wales has expanded with offices in Llanelli, Cardiff and Haverfordwest. Among their loyal clientele are many who have remained with them from their inception. Similarly, candidates placed successfully by Work Wales have returned, now as decision-makers for recruitment in their companies.

With their finger on the pulse and a great recruitment software partner on board – Voyager Infinity – they always stay ahead of the curve and offer the best for their clients and internal staff.

Work Wales has been onboard with Voyager since 2009. The alliance began with VDQ! However, it has progressed to the latest and most innovative product ‘Infinity’ which helps them streamline processes and drive sales.

Despite being in the business for more than a decade, Christina and Sophie continue to nurture and cultivate the same enthusiasm and ambitions. Work Wales is now a fully-fledged team of ambitious recruitment consultants and managers. Christina has also recently moved to Dubai where she still works daily for the firm – made easy with the help of recruitment software. With the collective experiences and skills, the company continues to work towards delivering outstanding service.

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5 mantras to their success

Here, the dynamic duo expounds on the 5 key factors that drive the way they approach their work.

  1. Determination and drive – Building a successful business requires copious amounts of grit and drive. If one doesn’t have a strong conviction in their work and an unwavering, determined spirit, it can be harder to weather storms that may arise.


  1. Passion and love – These two factors – passion and love for the work– truly act as drivers of change. Sophie and Christina believe that success is possible if you enjoy your job, choose your team wisely, focus on the bigger picture, and do it with passion.


  1. Failure is not an option – This word can be daunting but incessantly worrying about it is not conducive to success. The trick is to be mindful of things that can go wrong but do not waste all of your energy on this. Focus on the things that will make you money, not the things that don’t.


  1. Find the right people – It’s of utmost importance to pick the right team and surround yourself with positive influence. Running a business is challenging so if you’re lucky to find a trustworthy partner then that makes the journey much easier. Christina and Sophie share the same work ethic and passion for their work. They continue to be equally involved and invested in their business today.


  1. Say yes and find out how to do it later – A bit of a controversial take, but many successful things have come from the simple act of saying yes. Take a chance, learn how to do something new. It’s okay if you don’t immediately understand how to do something. You can also delegate to people who already know the task.


Recruitment software and the importance of finding the right match

A thriving, modern business needs technical support. And the competitive environment of the recruitment industry calls for staffing firms to partner with a good recruitment agency software system.

In the early days, Work Wales had a completely different working system. The business partners reminisce how collating client info process was entirely different. They barely used emails. Candidate info was held on a payroll system. Putting up the job adverts was a laborious process, taking hours, as each job board required the advert to be entered separately.

But with the advent of sophisticated recruitment CRM software, Work Wales made the switch to recruitment CRM which transformed the way they did business.

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“We have an all-in-one platform weaponising us to be able to improve workflow efficiencies for our recruitment team and also bring in integral change to how we worked all those years ago. It is a hard job being a recruiter, but the job is made so much easier in today’s world with the technology we have available and utilise through Voyager,” they say.

They also firmly believe in the importance of finding the right software partner. Because selecting the right recruitment software partner is a vital step in driving the business forward.

The process might require some investment of time and effort. But it is essential if recruiting firms want to be more efficient, productive, and do less admin work. The perfect recruitment CRM software enables recruiters to achieve more by doing less.

At Work Wales, they attest to this. They say, “The initial research that went into finding a recruitment partner was worth it. We have grown together in the last 12 years. We are confident that the CRM has enabled us to drive sales and profit, and assist the team in staying on top of compliance. Two of the most important factors within business.”

They add, “The software is intuitive, enabling our team to focus on clients, business development and sales and less time on admin tasks. The product is continually evolving and we have been a part of the changes as the design team are in constant contact with us to find out what we, as recruitment consultants, want in our CRM. Our ideas are implemented into the updates improving product capabilities which is so refreshing to see.”

Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).

Work Wales Driving business growth with a little help from recruitment software