You Against the World


When you decided to go out on your own and create a start up recruitment business, what did people say?




“Good for you”, “You’re so brave!”, “I could never do it”.

People are generally quick to volunteer their opinions and share their thoughts on whether they could do it. Well, they are not doing it…. You are. You are going out on a limb. Granted it’s in a field you have expertise in but you’re building a new business and a reputation as a solo recruiter. Pretty soon, it can feel like you verses the rest of the world. You’re up against other recruiters, well known brands, established relationships and PSLs.

You didn’t do this on a whim though, recruitment can be tough and in the battle of you against candidates, clients and competitors you could do with some secret weapons in your armoury.

  • Get a coach

  • Pick up the phone
  • Assess and interview
  • Invest in yourself and your tech
  • Know what your value add is