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You get nothing for coming 2nd (or 4th)

It was at the Buckinghamshire Golf Club courtesy of the Global Recruiter Magazine that I mingled with some of the industries finest Recruiters the other day. It was put to me by a rather an experienced chap that “in recruitment you get nothing for coming second” – but I’m not sure it always needs to be like that these days.

OK, so recruiters only get paid when they fill the position, but surely recruitment is a game that needs to be pleasurable for all involved – to be fun whilst also allowing you to build tomorrow’s relationships. Clearly you play to win, but if you play nicely you win the opportunity to be invited to play again?

OK, so I’m not brave enough to imply that recruiting is a game or indeed that it is easy in today’s ever competitive world, but how you deal with people, the relationships you build and how they feel about your morals, ethics and your general attitude is a chance to shine and win another go.

Sadly Team Voyager didn’t come first at the Global Recruiter Golf Day, (we came 4th), but we started new relationships, enhanced the ones we already have and earned our chance to play again.

If you play the ‘Recruitment Game’ with a long-term view, maybe I’ll see you there next year?

Thanks to Trevor, Gary and all the little helpers, we look forward to working with you again.

Written by Paul Thompson, Sales Director at Voyager Software Ltd

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