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Is your software partner this forward thinking?

Historically the software market was cyclical in nature. One product would take a long time develop, typically years, and then when released and proven it would be the latest and greatest product on the market. It would be successful for a period of time (assuming the creators got it right) until another vendor released their new product they’d been working on. Getting products tested, released and deployed was an arduous (read: costly) process and hence one that was only done when there was something deemed significant enough in terms of features and benefits.

“Our key ethos is to provide clients with exceptional products and unparalleled service. To be the most admired in our industry.”

15 years ago, that’s how it worked at Voyager. Doing a release every 6 to 12 months doesn’t sound like much of challenge in terms of velocity, but in reality it really was. Finding an issue in newly developed code could put you back weeks. Remember that this was in a time before automated testing tools became widely useful. Likewise, if feedback from early adopting clients highlighted any necessary improvements, it was very difficult to say to a client they’d have to wait 6-12 months for the next release for it to be addressed. So in the interests of offering the level of service we target ourselves at providing, we’d fit it into the current release cycle and risk further delays.
The shelf life of a product was measured in years. For those old enough, think how long you used Office 2010 before upgrading to Office 2013. It was probably more than 3 years. Or maybe it was even an eventual jump from Office 2007 up to Office 2013? Nowadays, an application release is deemed old after a matter of months, occasionally even weeks.

Thankfully, all these challenges are now in the past. Through new development methodologies, improved tools (for development, product management and testing) and new flexible cloud platforms for deployment, suddenly releasing a new version of software every 2-3 weeks is a reality. Assuming everyone reading this has a smartphone of one sort or another, just think how often the apps on it want updating. Continuous development is what today’s users want and need

However, that does not mean it’s easy for all software creators to start doing it. Whether an existing business or starting with a blank canvass, it takes time to get the process right. The tools are there, but there has to be a core focus from the ground up to get it instilled in the fabric of a software company and its products.

At Voyager we’ve been strategically focussed on getting to this position. Our key ethos is to provide clients with exceptional products and unparalleled service. To be the most admired in our industry. 
To do this, there has to be an efficient delivery mechanism. Something that buyers expect in today’s world. Something it’s hard to demonstrate more clearly than by looking at the likes of Amazon in the consumer market. Getting the buyer their product or service in the fastest time possible is a key part of the buying decision in the first place and an even bigger part of their loyalty. Being attentive and responsive has never been more important. 

So how does Voyager deliver this level of service and responsiveness to its clients? A big part of this is our Infinity SaaS service offering. A powerful, rich and tightly integrated recruitment software solution delivered globally via the Azure Cloud. With now in excess of 30 new releases of the Infinity solution, and counting, customers are getting more features, more functionality and more system improvements in front of them more quickly.

No longer is the market about making great software solutions, it’s also about getting it to the device’s doorstep on an express delivery. 

What we do:  Our Recruitment Software is simple, intuitive and will allow you to work faster and smarter.

It’s cost effective, easy to implement and covers Perm, Contract and Temp sectors, plus Pay and Bill. 

Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).