Are you Reviewing your REC membership?

At a time when Recruiters are finding things increasingly challenging, are there some things you simply can’t afford to go without? 

Some would argue that the Recruitment industry has literally no barrier to entry and certainly at Voyager we’ve seen a plethora of start-ups during the last year, and from all industries and all walk’s of life, it’s what I find most exciting about this industry. 

That said, the people we meet are not wide-boy chancers of yesteryear, they’re truly well connected business professionals and they take things very seriously indeed.

In years gone by all you needed was a phone, yellow pages and in my case a biro with four colours (or a wenlock for the really bad recruiters!!!)

You called the entire directory ticking off companies as you’d made contact with and scheduled a follow-up call.  When you got to the back of the YP, you started again (using another colour) and when you had a handful of clients you passed the grubby directory onto the next graduate Recruiter.  If you were lucky you didn’t need a four coloured biro like me!

No this was not during the 70’s, but I can understand why those new to Recruitment find this almost unbelievable.  The world of Recruitment has moved on and luckily, so have Recruiters.

To be a Recruiter in today’s market you need to be truly connected.  Not just with your candidates and clients, but also with an increasingly large list of support services.  As a Recruiter you need tools and professional support at your fingertips in order to offer a professional and valued service, to put it simply you can’t go it alone these days. 

In my opinion there is no true ‘One-man band’ recruiter out there.  If there was there is a good chance he’s playing a gazoo in the street and everyone is walking past.

Who else offers ‘proper’ Recruitment business support?



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