Dropbox Twitter FeedGot Big Data? Got another job lined up?

Let’s face it in Recruitment your primary asset is your database (and how you use it makes all the difference) - but what are you doing to ensure your big plans and hence BIG DATA is being properly looked after?

(Your super-fast social media figures, sharp suit and silky smooth telephone manner are a given!!)

When www.Amazon.com had an outage for 49 minutes last Jan it cost big -- more than $4 million in lost sales apparently ……… so if they can get it wrong you can bet you or your supplier will at some point. Use Dropbox.com?

I feel for you – more issues again.…… It’s a great tool, I use it myself, but again it’s proof that things can and will go wrong. (I’m also not sure they take it as seriously as you might expect them too?  https://twitter.com/Dropbox)

BIG DATA (or small data) needs to be paid respect and you need to ensure you’re properly looking after your biggest asset.

When you’re looking for your next Software supplier make sure your chosen solution gives you some choices about how things are backed-up. In my opinion I feel it’s essential that you have the ability to have your solution installed locally on your hardware (so you can back it up yourself), or in the cloud with the ability to back that up yourself, or to a 3rd party supplier.

Think belt, braces, gaffer tape and a spare pair of trousers is overkill? ….you will until it goes wrong.


•    Do you know how to back-up your data
•    Where its stored?
•    Have a disaster recovery plan?

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