Clients are hiring direct - Why use an agency?

Once upon a time Recruitment was………….well let’s just say it was easier!

The latest figures from the REC indicate that whilst there may be slightly less Recruitment firms this year than last, the industry as a whole is set to increase in size and turn over during  2013.

Few doubt that Recruiters are working in an increasingly challenging market.  Add to the mixing pot an abundance of candidates, the arrival of great social media tools for HR departmement and a tightening agency budget and you’ll understand why the Hiring Managers are now forced to consider hiring direct.

As a supplier of Recruitment Software we are morally bound to use Recruiters (our customers before everyone starts emailing me) when looking to hire.  That said, it doesn’t change the fact that even for a business with 75 staff every hire is strategic, and so it’s unlikely the ‘perfect’ candidate is one that is unemployed and spends their weekend searching the job-boards in their dressing gown.

What don’t I want from a Recruitment company for a 25% finder’s fee?

  1. I don’t want my job-spec cut and pasted onto a job-board
  2. I don’t want to give the brief three times to three different recruiters
  3. I don’t want to pay a fee for a candidate I could have found myself on a job-board

If I’m looking for the perfect candidate the chances are they need to be ‘found’ and so that means listening hard to the hiring manager.  I will  happily offer suggestions on where the candidate are likely to be found, what companies they probably work for and I’m even happy to have speculative chats with the candidates who are happily employed at the moment.  For some Recruiters this doesn’t seem to be a service they’re used to giving?

OK so I’m a fussy customer but consider this;

If I’ve given you a target list of perfect applicants and told you where to find them; who’s going to be the best connected Recruiter for my next hire?  YOU



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