How can I get into the Recruitment industry?

(The follow up....)

Find me ten people that have had a poor Recruitment experience and I ‘ll find you one that’s had a great one.  (One day I’d like to change that ratio)

While many of our Recruitment agency customers are formed by people going it alone, we’ve also spotted a growing trend.  ‘Experts’ are setting up consultancies in their specialised field.  It’s the ‘knowledge’ and ‘understanding’ that they draw upon, which differentiates them from the competition and no longer is the speed and price of their service the focus – reassuring in this price sensitive sector.

We’ve seen ex-Accountants are setting up Accountancy agencies, ex-carers setting up domicile care agencies and even tree surgeon setting up, yes you’ve guessed it, a tree surgeon agency!

The increasingly consultative approach of these smaller business allows them a better understanding of their customers’ requirements and as a result, smaller consultancies can focus on a truly personal services, something larger agencies are traditionally very poor at. 

So if the Recruiters ‘knowledge and understanding’ is key to a successful career in Recruitment why do people need technology?

Well I guess that’s exactly what we are here to facilitate – the sharing of that much desired ‘knowledge and understanding’.  Our products and services actually facilitate the sharing of this knowledge and allows you more time with your customers.

Voyager only exists because it reduces the administration burden by connecting the tools you use automatically.
If you see Recruitment as an exciting career choice, best make sure you find a technology partner that actually allows you to be a full-time Recruiter.



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