“I did recruitment once, but I’m 35 now”

OK, so I didn’t get to earwig the entire conversation, but it did make me think a little.

Having been a recruiter myself and having since sold recruitment software to 500+ Recruitment firms, I’ve met many interesting charecters from all walks of life – it’s what I love most about the people in recruitment.

I’ve met them in flash Canary Wharf offices, in bedrooms pretending to be offices and even one in his mum’s loft space which was ‘soon to be an office’ - complete with itchy stuff floating in the air!

So prompted by my ear wigging today - here’s my question.  Where did the young recruiters go?

When Voyager’s Recruitment software solution was born in the late 90’s put simply, Recruitment was a lot easier.  As a result many Recruiters were full of the same enthusiasm but well,....younger. 

Sure the flash suits are still around (and occasionally those wide ties), but in those days that flash suit was probably their first.

Recruitment never stands still but I think the balance has shifted.  Those going into recruitment today are less likely to think recruitment is a easy career choice, or necessarily one which will make them their first million.  Recruiters are working much harder for their clients, probably on a reduced margin and often in a more legislated sector.
In short, it’s not as easy as it once was.  You need experience and great recruitment tools to make a success in recruitment nowadays.

So in answer to the question where have all the young recruiters gone?

They never left.



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