Let’s licence all Recruitment Agencies, better still licence the individual Recruiter.  Win, Win?

It’s a nice thought and one which at a glance would appear to help the industry as a whole.  What Recruiter wouldn’t love to stand tall, puff our their chest and let a suitably senior  figure of the industry pin a badge to it?

OK, so the subject is controversial enough, however I think it’s a debate worth revisiting, and most professional service industries have a licencing body so why not Recruitment?

Before I start the bun fight let us consider the following points;  (and if you have an answer we’d love to hear from you).

  1. Who would pay for the governing body and the review of its members? The Recruiters themselves?
  2. How much would you pay?  3K Per company? £500 per Recruiter? Can you afford it?
  3. Who could define ‘best practise’ across such a diverse industry?
  4. Could you afford the training to re-instate a position at the top each year?
  5. Does the loss of a Recruiters licence mean you get a 2 year ban from Recruiting?

If you can answer the above then maybe there is a way forward?

But let me pose an even bigger question for you;  Should we first review the legislation that is already in place for the Recruitment industry and consider if it has been a success ?  Did the Gangmaster Licencing Authority truly eradicate bad practice?

So why do I think Recruiters will never be licenced in the UK?

If we can agree that a self-governing body is not going to be truly independent (or have suitably sharp teeth) this will only leave the government to manage the process.  If we can also agree that the government lacks the funds and the initiative to able to keep up with the Recruitment sector, who would be left to licence our super-fast moving industry?

If you want a badge on your chest, then you better dig out the only badge people really respect in the UK.
The Blue Peter badge.



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